December 14, 2009

Brooklyn Fish Company Teams Up With Alaskans for Upscale Kosher Smoked Fish

New York…The launch on December 9th was at E.A.T., the casually stylish gourmet deli and restaurant on Madison Avenue, but for kosher consumers it was a story of Brooklyn and the Yukon River Delta in Alaska teaming up for a unique brand of fish. The product was a smoked whitefish which is large enough to remind older consumers of the wholesome looking whitefish that were often the centerpiece of a good meal. Called Bering Cisco, the whitefish comes from the Bering Sea and is harvested by the Yup'ik Eskimo fishing families of Alaska’s Yukon River Delta. It is brought to market by Kwik’pak Fisheries, after which it is specially smoked and distributed by Acme Smoked Fish. Robert Caslow and his son Eric were proudly talking about the unique quality of the fish, which is under the certification of the Kof-K Kosher Certification of Teaneck, NJ. They are the third and fourth generation members of a family that go back to the early 1900’s when Harry Brownstein arrived in New York after emigrating from Russia. After several years as a “wagon jobber,” picking up fresh, hot fish from smokehouses with his horse-drawn wagon and hand-delivering them to small grocery and appetizing stores, he founded his own smokehouse in Brooklyn. Located in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, it is now one of the largest processors of smoked fish and herring in the United States, and is still family-owned and operated.