January 23, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Third Major Kosher Independent Retailer to Open in Lakewood

Lakewood NJ - Evergreen, one of the largest kosher supermarkets in the Monsey area is scheduled to open its second store in this growing community by the end of the month. According to Malkie Levine of Evergreen, at 25,000 square feet, the store will be only slightly smaller than the Monsey store but will have “every bit of the selection as in the Monsey store.” In fact, said Mrs. Levine, the store will have an on-site full bakery as well as its well-known Glatt Geshmak (prepared foods) and Fishy’s (seafood) departments. She emphasized the store’s planned selection of many pre-cooked foods which have become so popular in the Monsey store. With the opening of Evergreen on Route 9, the store will join two other independent retailers who have opened in this community in just the past 12 months, Gourmet Glatt and Season’s. Rapidly approaching its 10th store, Season’s has emerged as the nation’s largest independent retailer with Gourmet Glatt also having large stores in the Five Towns and Boro Park. The large stores, say community sources, are likely to dominate the kosher grocery business in the community, leaving many older retailers with a smaller, often loyal, market share. It is estimated that of a population of 100,000 in Lakewood, nearly 60,000 are Jewish and almost all are kosher consumers. Sources say that as many as 900 new families moved into the community in 2016, a number that is likely to repeat itself in 2017. What began in the 1940’s as a sleepy Yeshiva community, led by Beth Medrash Govoha, founded by the venerable sage Rabbi Aharon Kotler, in a largely wooded area, has emerged as a major community for Orthodox Jews.