October 2, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Sales of Kosher Foods for High Holidays Continue to Surge Upward

New York - The current holiday season is second only to Passover in terms of sales of kosher foods, a conclusion most in the kosher food industry seem to agree on. It appears to be 12%-15% of annual sales of identifiable kosher foods estimated at approximately $3.2 billion. Passover sales have long been valued at 35%-40% of annual sales. The difficulty in deriving at a number is largely because of the diverse levels of kosher food sales year-round. For example, for a major kosher food distributor with a focus on the Orthodox (365 days a year kosher) market, the High Holidays represent 3% of sales, but for a Midwest supermarket that does a significant portion of its business around holiday time, it is as high as 24%. These numbers do not reflect the purchase of kosher foods by many non-traditional kosher consumers such as Muslims and ordinary customers who enjoy kosher products which is more than four times the number of the “ethnic” kosher customers. The good news for the industry is that there is growth in all categories especially considering that some in the industry believe that kosher food sales have grown by more than $1 billion since 2010. This has more than replaced many kosher consumers who have either passed on or been lost to assimilation and intermarriage and no longer buy kosher.