March 20, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Report Prime Experience Cancels Passover Program

La Jolla, CA - Guests planning to spend Passover at the luxury Hilton La Jolla were jolted this week when they learned that the Prime Experience has cancelled the holiday program. According to several guests who contacted Kosher Today, they received an e-mail notifying them that the program had been cancelled less than four weeks from the first night of the Seder. It was not clear whether Prime was relocating the program to another location. One report said that the program would be relocated to a luxury hotel in New Mexico, but this could not be confirmed. Prime had announced the new 2017 location in San Diego with a great deal of fanfare even highlighting the fact that it was “Zika Free.” With prices beginning at nearly $5,000 per person, it was considered one of the most luxurious Passover programs for 2017. Kosher Today was not able to learn the reason for the cancellation in time for this edition.  The Prime Experience is part of the Prime Hospitality Group, owned by Joey Allaham, that includes The Prime Grill and Prime at the Bentley Restaurants and the Prime Butcher Shop.