June 13, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Google Executive to be Keynote Speaker at Kosherfest 2017

Portland, ME- The increasing importance of digital marketing and its applications to the kosher food industry will be the subject of a keynote address by a senior executive of Google at the opening session of Kosherfest 2017 on November 14th. It is the first time that Google will be participating at a major kosher event. The subject will be introduced by Menachem Lubinsky, the CEO of Lubicom Marketing and Adina Zaiontz of Napkin Marketing in Toronto. The two agencies are combining their extensive expertise in the kosher market and digital marketing to help food companies better target their customers. The session will include a breakfast, sponsored by www.kosher.com, the authoritative on-line kosher food address. In announcing the important educational program at Kosherfest, Christine Salmon of Diversified Business Communications, said that the “show was extremely honored by Google’s recognition of the importance of the kosher food industry and particularly Kosherfest.”