March 23, 2020

BREAKING NEWS: COVID-19 Pandemic Cancels Passover 2020 Plans; Wreaks Havoc Worldwide

New York…The Coronavirus pandemic has all but cancelled carefully laid plans for Passover 2020 (begins on eve of April 8th). Here are the highlights:

  • Most Passover programs throughout the world have been cancelled. With few exceptions, all programs in Europe, including Eastern Europe and Morocco will not take place.
  • Israeli hotels hoping to fill rooms with Israelis at severely discounted prices face uncertainty as severe limitations are imposed by Israel on the number of people that can assemble in one place.
  • Some US programs still hope to proceed but cancellations mount as uncertainty sets in.
  • Would be vacationers face challenges in recovering deposits.
  • Kosher retailers well stocked but face unprecedented hoarding
  • Thousands to reverse course and make Passover at home.
  • Kosher certification faces the new challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Many kosher restaurants close as others go into home delivery mode and an early Passover.
  • Kosherfest has stepped up big time in keeping the industry informed on all of its social media.