May 20, 2013

Brazilians Hoping Naouri, Americans and Israelis are Listening

SAO PAULO, Brazil — A Kosher Today story (May 6, 2013) on growing kosher options in Brazil has generated a call by Brazilian rabbis for more imported kosher products. The rabbis are hoping that American and Israeli distributors will recognize the growing market and will pay greater heed to the Brazilian market. They also point out that they are hoping that Jean Charles Naouri does what he did in many of his Casino stores in France where the grocery chain added many kosher products. 

The flamboyant Naouri is a major shareholder of the Casino stores in Brazil as well as France. In addition to Jean Charles, France’s major kosher chain and Kinneret distribution is also owned by a different Naouri family, a fact that was not clear in the earlier Kosher Today story. After reading the story, one of the major kosher certifiers wrote: “We will accept more kosher products from either Naouri.” He pointed out that many of the Casino stores in Brazil happen to be in Jewish neighborhoods.