June 9, 2014

Brazil Vies for Kosher Travelers this Summer

RIO DE JANEIRO — If you are a soccer fan, happen to be kosher and are heading to this summer’s 2014 FIFA World Cup, you are in luck. Chabad emissary Rabbi Arieh Raichman and his wife Dvorah have lived in Manaus, Brazil with their family since 2009, and will be offering kosher food to Jewish visitors that they will bring from Sao Paulo and which will be prepared by a full time chef. The World Cup takes place in a remote part of Brazil where the Amazon heat can be stifling. Brazil, of course, is one of the more developed countries when it comes to kosher particularly in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

There are many kosher outlets and restaurants in both cities. In Rio, the Rabinado do Rio de Janeiro (Rabbinate of Rio de Janeiro 55-21-22563587, [email protected]) offers travelers quality kosher food as well as Jewish guides in many areas of Brazil. A local rabbi told Kosher Today that he expects a large number of Jewish tourists this summer and not only for the World Cup. He said that he had noticed an uptick in Jewish tourism in recent years, which he attributes to a movement away from Europe because of growing anti-Semitism. Argentina also actively courts kosher travelers with it special guides on restaurants and synagogues.