October 7, 2019

Bingo Prepares for Holidays with Far More than Food

Lakewood NJ… Kosher shoppers at the large Bingo store here were astounded to find Sukkahs, in both canvass and wood, at sharply discounted prices. They also could outfit the sukkah with tables, chairs, lighting, extension cords and a broad assortment of decorations. “We are not your typical kosher supermarket,” said spokesman Shmueli Rosenberg. “The idea,” he said, “was to help our shoppers celebrate the holidays, even offering watches for holiday presents.” Despite all of these holiday necessities, Bingo still offers shoppers a broad gamut of foods for the holidays, including “the highest quality meats.” With stores in Boro Park and Lakewood, Bingo has brought the Israeli Osher Ad model (some call a kosher Costco) to the states. Bingo is set to open at least one more store in Monsey in the coming months as more stores are being contemplated. Kosher sources tell Kosher Today that Bingo is devoting much effort into an improved shopping experience. It recently introduced a “smart” card which allows shoppers to self-scan their purchase with a small scanning device on the cart. “All they need is a bag or box to fill, scan each item, and they are good to go,” explained Mr. Rosenberg. He guessed that the feature could save as much as 20 minutes from the shopping task. He also claimed that it was the first kosher store to offer the self-scanning service.