July 15, 2020

Bingo Opens 3RD US Store in Crowded Monsey Community

Monsey NY…Considered one of the fastest growing Orthodox enclaves in the county, Monsey is welcoming yet another new kosher destination these days, Bingo. Affiliated with the Osher Ad chain in Israel, which has some 20 stores, the newest Bingo is located at 44 Spring Valley Marketplace. The store, which offers kosher food and other non-food items at discount prices has been described as a “kosher Costco.” The newest store is modeled after its stores in Boro Park and Lakewood. Monsey is home to a large Chasidic population, many of whom live below the poverty level and have large families. These are families that particularly do well at Bingo stores with their discounted prices and bulk offerings. The 78,000 square foot Monsey store includes 9000 square feet of freezer space. Monsey is already crowded with such independent kosher stores as Rockland Kosher, Wesley Kosher and Evergreen. Experts predict that Bingo will capture a 12%-15% of kosher shoppers after initially attracting more curious seekers they may reach 25%, as it did in Brooklyn. Retailers in Brooklyn and Lakewood felt the Bingo presence around the Jewish holidays with the discounter offering most of the essential items used for the holiday at sharply reduced prices. Many other ethnic groups have also been shopping at the Bingo stores, particularly in Brooklyn. “They loved our prices for such items as eggs, “a Bingo spokesman said. He told Kosher Today that they are “extremely encouraged with the excitement in the community” and are planning to open other stores in major kosher enclaves.