April 27, 2015

Big Surge in Fish as Shavuos Plans Near

New York - The holiday of Shavuos (May 24-25) traditionally includes at least one dairy meal with such favorites as blintzes and cheese cake dominating the menu. But increasingly, say kosher retailers, seafood is becoming more popular for the holiday and year-round. Some retailers told Kosher Today that sushi and fish sales have risen significantly as younger consumers look for healthier options. According to a Technomic report on vegetarian and seafood eating habits, 72% of consumers who bought more seafood over the past two years did so because they thought it was healthier. More than six in 10 consumers reported eating a meal free of beef, chicken or turkey at least once a week. Among those who eat vegetarian and vegan foods, younger consumers were the most likely to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. One retailer said: “It is no longer just about gefilte fish. We are selling more salmon, tilapia and sea bass than ever and it is increasingly to the under-45.” Indeed, having a good fish section has become a strong imperative for the new upscale independent supermarkets.