November 7, 2016

While Best in Show Parvella is About Enhancement, Schneider’s is About Innovation

Secaucus NJ - Europeans would find comfort with some of the new product winners this year in Kosherfest’s annual New Product Competition. The Best in Show winner Parvella was a chocolate spread that for many was very much a part of their childhood. The Italian company ventured into a tasty enhancement product that few others dared to attempt especially in age where sweets were being replaced by veggies. But Parvella is betting on a noticeable trend towards products like chocolate spreads even as the market embraces healthier foods.  Schneider’s, a French based company, won with all three new products it was highlighting this year at Kosherfest.  They won in the Sweet Snacks and Cookies category with T-CHOC, the "On the Go;" in the Convenience Breakfast category with 2C Chocolate & Cereal Snack bar (5-pack); and in the Cheese or Dairy category with their Parmigiano Reggiano.

Schneider’s, a family owned business, launched in 1991, by Chaim and Michal who took the initiative to create products with the kosher French and European brands of food. Schneider’s is in over 200 kosher supermarket in the USA, France, the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Tunisia, South Africa, Australia and Israel. All their products are certified kosher under the Star K and Rabbi E.L Schneebalg. For more information visit: