July 15, 2020

BBQ Season Gets Major Boost with More Home Stays

Brooklyn… The strange summer of 2020 is good for purveyors of deli as a record number of hotdogs, burgers, steaks and then some are being sold. Several supermarkets said that they were selling record numbers of the common barbecue meats and an unprecedented number of hotdogs. “This is the summer of home prepared meals and I have never sold as many charcoal bags as this year,” said the manager of one Brooklyn meat section. He added that it certainly makes up for the reduction in travel where people used to stock up on the deli items. Rickie was stocking up for a planned trip in an RV to several national parks. “It’s the easiest way to have a good kosher meal on the road,” he said, adding: Just take along the franks and meats and grill anywhere. The supermarkets were preparing for the coming Nine Days with its dairy only menus which begin on Wednesday.