January 22, 2020

BBC Covers Kosherfest as UK Prepares for K-Trade in May

London…In a story by Dave Gordon, the BBC’s Business reporter in New Jersey, the BBC praised Kosherfest 2019 by saying that “it could have been any gourmet food fair, with lots of delicious things to eat.” The article continued: “The hundreds of products on show included everything from pizza bases made from cauliflower, to salsas, ice cream sandwiches, cider, beef empanadas (a Mexican pastry), Italian sorbets, gins, charcuterie, tequila, and even a range of biscuits infused with cannabis oil. But this was no ordinary food and drink exhibition. For while there was a vast range on display, everything had one major thing in common - they were all certified kosher.” Mr. Gordon noted that “while Jewish-owned companies were proudly in attendance, many of the firms who were present are not owned or run by Jews, but had still chosen to go kosher. These included businesses from Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Italy.

While the BBC took notice of the phenomenal growth of kosher on these shores, a kosher food show called KTrade is scheduled to take place in London in early May. K-Trade is a European kosher food show, produced by Ari Feferkorn, a young British entrepreneur.