October 13, 2009

BartonÕs is Back but Under Old-Time Competitor BarriciniÕs

New York…Kosher consumers who despaired over the news of the demise of Barton’s have reason to cheer the news that there will be Barton’s chocolate this coming Passover. Sources told KosherToday that the Kisses and other favorites will be produced by Barricini’s who purchased Barton’s in an auction several months ago after its previous owner Cherydale Farms filed fort bankruptcy. Oddly, Barricini’s had once been the key competitor for Barton’s. The sources said that Barricini’s had rehired several Barton’s executives in an effort to resuscitate the declining brand. But the absence of Barton’s last Passover and the many voices of regret that were heard are giving rise to the new optimism over the future of the brand. Barton’s is one of the original kosher brands that was founded by the Klein family in the 1940’s. The company subsequently opened several stores, some of which were later franchised. Barton’s quickly became a favorite for many Jews, many of whom would not think of visiting a relative without a Barton’s bonbonniere, or at least a box of the Kisses.