November 17, 2014

Baltimore Company Makes Transition From Aufschnitz to Beef Jerky

Baltimore… For German Jews, just the thought that an American company would be called Aufshnitt Meats would trigger memories from the old country. Aufschnitz, says Gil Marks, the author of the Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, “is an assortment of thinly sliced German cold cuts, some rather elaborate. Germans are quite proud of their favorite aufshnitz and serve them on the Shabbos and other special occasions.”

Now Aufschnitt Meats is producing kosher Aufschnitt Beef Jerky and selling in many supermarkets. It all began in 1951 when Wasserman & Lemberger opened a small storefront as a local butcher store selling its unique and high quality kosher products. The secret to their success stems from the recipes that had been learned in Switzerland by the top producers in the meat industry. So in 2012 they took the next step and opened Aufschnitt Meats, a wholesale processed meats company. Aufshnitt was one of the exhibitors at the recently held 26th edition of Kosherfest and the beef jerky received rave reviews, especially because of its great taste and low fat content.