July 15, 2020

Avoca’Do, Plant-Based Pudding, Set up Successful Shop at Kosherfest 2019...By Eda Kram

Secaucus NJ… “Kosherfest 2019 is where we officially launched Avoca'Do, a delicious plant-based pudding snack,” said Lexi Brenner, Co-Founder/Owner. He continued: “It was such a wonderful event, with an impressive attendance of industry professionals who we are still making connections with today. We even met our sales group, Ambactus Group, by exhibiting at this event. The supportive community of professionals, positive feedback and contacts made at Kosherfest were essential in helping Avoca'Do move forward.”. “Our plans are to continue to expand nationally to more retailers and start selling online directly to consumers. Additionally, we have innovative new flavors and products we hope to launch in the coming months as well.”

Lexi and her father are co-founders of Avoca’Do. In December of 2018, she decided to whip up one of her new favorite recipes, chocolate avocado pudding. Her dad and family were so surprised how smooth, creamy, and chocolatey this avocado pudding was, they couldn’t stop eating it. In 2019 father and daughter launched Avoca’Do! It was not until Kosherfest that the business really took off.