June 29, 2009

Atalanta’s Canadian Goat Cheeses Go Kosher

Elizabeth, N.J…Celebrity International, Atalanta Corporation’s brand of Canadian goat products, has recently put the majority of its fresh goat logs under COR kosher supervision(trademark of the Kashruth Council of Canada). The milk is chalav stam (not the higher kosher standard of chalav yisrael preferred by many Orthodox Jews). The flavors that have become kosher are Honey, Cranberry and Cinnamon, Garlic and Fine Herbs, and Dill. The company also offers a kosher Rum Raisin Goat cheese. All logs are available in two sizes 4.5 ounces and 10.5 ounces and the Plain Goat comes in larger logs and bulk for foodservice. Although Celebrity International, located in Ontario, is a relative newcomer to the goat cheese business, it has nonetheless created an international sensation with its innovative line of flavors. Its Cranberry and Cinnamon Goat which is a creamy, spreadable chèvre log covered in sweet, tangy fruit—was one of the first to hit the market. Its success inspired other combinations. Because of the high quality of the milk, the cheeses are mild enough to blend with a variety of fruits and seasonings. The goats are fed from foodstuff produced on the farmstead, including high-protein roasted soybeans and corn. Naturally iodine-free sea salt seasons the cheeses, and they are all animal rennet-free, making them suitable for vegetarians. For additional information, call 908-351-8000 or visit: www.atalantacorp.com.