June 1, 2015

Artisan Breads Wow Kosher Shoppers at Breadsmith

Brooklyn, NY - It was Friday morning and the cumulative smell of the various fresh Challahs on display was enough to make you want to say “one of each, please!” Imagine that in addition to the traditional egg and water challahs were such options as pretzel challah, chocolate chip challah, cinnamon on sugar challah, onion poppy seed challah or honey white challah. The huge ovens in the back work constantly turning out handmade artisan breads every day of the week, some daily and others on given days. For example, on this Friday one was able to buy some of the daily breads like whole wheat, ciabatta, country white, French Batard, French Peasant, Rustic Italian or Sourdough. But then there are the special breads baked that day which includes the challah, Apple Pie Bread, Challah Knots, Chocolate Babka, Marathon Multigrain, and Russian Rye.

This was the scene at Breadsmith, the brainchild of owner Chaim Lieff, who grew up in Minneapolis where his father served as a rabbi. During his frequent trips to New York, he discovered that when it comes to kosher bread, New York could not compete with his hometown. His father Rabbi Moshe Tuvia, had seen to it that a local Breadsmith store with its broad array of artisan breads, became kosher certified. A Breadsmith franchise in Milwaukee was the first of the franchise’s approximate 30 stores to go kosher. Now that both he and his father live in New York, it was time to open a Breadsmith franchise in Flatbush. His store is the seventh franchise store to be kosher certified. Others are in Minneapolis, Potomac, MD, St. Louis and Chicago. While there are stores like Fairway in New York that bake and sell kosher artisan bread, there are none that have as many artisan breads as Breadsmith.