May 3, 2018

Aron’s to Open Third Store in West Orange as Independents Continue Expansion

Flushing…Aron’s Kissena Farms is one of a growing number of independent kosher supermarkets that are rapidly changing the landscape of kosher throughout the country. Founded by Aron Hirtz in 2010, Aron’s on Kissena Blvd. in Queens is a sprawling 23,000 square foot store with the omnipresent “full service” store that has become the standard for independents in any viable kosher community. Mr. Hirtz, who already co-founded Cedar Market in Teaneck is set to open yet another store in West Orange in June.  Marketing Manager Eli Langer explains that unlike the flagship Kissena store, the Jersey stores are about 10,000 square feet but still offer the kosher shopper a plethora of options in take-out, bakery, and fresh meats. The Kissena store is every bit as upscale but yet “much better priced” than some of the well-known large independents in other communities. Eli singles out the 40 freezer doors, Shloimie’s Bakery, a Sushi bar, take-out, coffee stand and more. A big part of the success of the Kissena store, says Eli, is its appeal to the millennials and the heavy focus of its marketing on digital platforms. While Aron’s has many more options in the Kissena store, Aron is extremely creative in the smaller stores as well, especially linking up with quality vendors such as Herb n’ Spice Catering for the takeout in the planned new West Orange store. The opening of stores in smaller Jewish communities such as Season’s in Passaic is designed to capture a loyal base of customers who in the end spend far more on kosher food than their numbers would seem to indicate. In West Orange, Aron hopes to serve about 400-500 families who Eli says are currently underserved.