May 23, 2016

Architect of Kosher at Winn-Dixie Leaves for Kosher Media Holdings After 10 Years

Aventura FL… After a decade of shepherding the growth of kosher at Southeastern Kosher (Winn-Dixie), Deborah Shapiro has accepted a position as Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Kosher Media Holdings, led by the well-known kosher diva Jamie Geller. Deborah helped develop several kosher destination stores including the highly successful store in Aventura.

Wrote Ms. Shapiro: “I did not take leaving lightly, Winn-Dixie is a part of who I am and the stores I created and worked with will always be in my heart. I am only leaving because I want to help more people understand the role of kosher both in the grocery industry and out. I am actually excited to go back full time to the world of kosher. My time in the marketing department here was wonderful but I missed the excitement of merchandising, with Jamie I can do both.” She concluded: “When Jamie approached me with this opportunity I was humbled, she has such a vast network of fans and supporters and has already encouraged so many people to embrace her “Fast, Fresh, Family” mission. It will be an honor to help her achieve her goals. “