June 30, 2020

Anti-Schechita and Anti- Kaporos Legislation in New York State Legislature Covid Environment

Albany…There are bills moving through the state legislature that may affect kaporos (the pre-Yom Kippur ritual of praying for life - with chickens) in New York and Schechita (kosher slaughter) as a whole. It is being proposed because in China, Covid-19 was spread in animal markets that slaughter on premises. Sentences like "Prohibition of the operation of establishments where animals and/or fowls are slaughtered for food." and "the Commissioner shall immediately suspend the license of any person, firm, partnership or corporation that currently holds a license issued by the Commissioner to operate any place or establishment where animals and/or fowls are slaughtered or butchered for food."

The big question is whether Covid will be an excuse to curtail the ritual of Kaporos where chickens are used prior to Yom Kippur. Even more disconcerting is language in bills that would ban schechita. Sources told Kosher Today that “the bills do not appear to have any serious traction, but vigilance is required nonetheless.”