November 21, 2016

Another “Unsung Hero” Hailed as “Mashgiach of the Year”

Secaucus NJ - Mashgichim (kosher supervisors) have often been referred to as the “unsung heroes” of the kosher food industry. It is a result of their efforts that some 200,000 end user products and a similar number of ingredient items are kosher certified. According to kashrus sources, kosher certification today is offered in 99 countries. Each year Kashrus Magazine, an authoritative kashrus periodical, recognizes a mashgiach for extraordinary work. This year, Kashrus Magazine selected Rabbi Catriel Blum of the “COR”-Kashruth Council of Canada (Toronto, ON) as their 6th annual “Kosher Supervisor (mashgiach) of the Year.” He was presented with a check for $1,000. Previous awardees were Barry Nash, Bergenfield, NJ (2015), Rabbi Aron Musat, Chicago, IL (2014), Rabbi Favish Moster, Brooklyn, NY (2013), Moshe Stander, Boynton Beach, FL (2012), and Gedalia Silverstein, Atlanta, GA (2011).

Rabbi Blum was chosen from amongst the nominees of the 1,371 kosher agencies worldwide. He has worked for the “COR”-Kashruth Council of Canada for 15 years as a “route mashgiach,” a kosher supervisor for multiple establishments. Rabbi Blum supervises 12 establishments, including both dairy and meat restaurants and bakeries, visiting each as many as six times a day. “A kosher supervisor is not a policeman,” said Rabbi Yosef Wikler, editor of Kashrus Magazine, “rather, he is the representative of kosher and Judaism to the staff in his facility and to the administration of the company he works for. Rabbi Catriel Blum, through his winning personality and firm resolve, wins daily the hearts and cooperation of proprietors, kitchen staff, and the COR, truly deserving the title ‘Mashgiach of the Year.’” Rabbi Blum has literally become a legend in the Bathurst section of Toronto as he is seen walking from store to store in a three block area. People there see him as a “community kosher supervisor” and he sees them as “my people.”