September 6, 2011

Another First: Kosher Chefs to Join Televised Chinese Culinary

New York…Kosher’s love affair with Chinese cuisine took a major step forward with the announcements that as many as eight kosher chefs (still being recruited) would compete in the widely heralded Chinese Culinary competition in Times Square on September 22-23. The arrangements for the kosher participation were made by Elan Kornblum, "The Restaurant Guy" and president and publisher of Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine.  The Orthodox Union (OU) will also provide the kosher supervision where warranted. The event will be broadcast live by the Chinese Television Network, which is so anxious to have kosher that it has agreed to accommodate the needs of the kosher chefs (i.e. separate utensils, blowtorch, kosher ingredients, etc.).

The categories of the Competition are Sichuan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and Northeastern China cuisine (Heilongjiang province, Jilin province and Liaoning province.) Each contestant can select only one category to compete in. Gloria Zhang, the Regional Director of Development of the New Tang Dynasty Television, specifically addressed a letter of invitation to kosher chefs: “To broaden the understanding of authentic Chinese cuisine, we encourage chefs who cook kosher food to participate in our competition. We will  assure that each such competing chef will be supervised by a recognized  international Orthodox Jewish agency.” She adds: “By making this program inclusive of kosher Chinese cooking, we are  expanding our goal to foster greater understanding between Chinese and  Western societies and promote appreciation and awareness of traditional  Chinese culture.”