September 5, 2017

Annual Summer Cholov Yisrael Ice Cream War Leaves Consumers with Unprecedented Choices

Brooklyn - The annual ice cream war between Mehadrin and Klein’s did not disappoint this year as well with each rolling out new products on a regular basis and placing full page ads in Orthodox Jewish periodicals. Unlike the kosher BBQ war which pits more than a half dozen manufacturers of glatt kosher hot dogs and sausages for the coveted deli shelf space, the ice cream war is limited to two combatants. It has been more than four years that Kosher Today first carried the story of the war between category leader Klein’s and relative new competitor Mehadrin, long known for its cholov yisrael dairy products. As is common in these types of “wars,” loyal customers often swear by the taste of a brand. Klein’s in recent years has taken a number of steps to maintain its leadership in the category, broadening its product line to cakes as well as to non-dairy items. It also recently launched an upscale line in black cups, which it is largely promoting through its growing network of Ice Cream House locations in Jewish communities in Brooklyn. “There is no contest, Klein’s hands-down on taste,” said Nachman a 20’s something emerging from the large Ice Cream House in Boro Park. Wife Esti, pushing a stroller with a newborn wasn’t so sure: “I had Mehadrin last week and it was pretty good.” Retailers say that while Klein’s retains the lead in market share, Mehadrin has been cutting into that share. They also say that ice cream sales have risen steadily year-round, which is good news for both brands.