September 5, 2017

American Rabbis Call Braekel Chicken Controversy Irrelevant to US Market

New York - ”It’s a marketing issue,” said one leading kashrus administrator about the controversy that has rocked certain circles in Israel about the kosher status of the Braekel. “Who would want to buy a chicken that is controversial, has inferior taste to regular chicken and is more expensive?” he asked. From these reactions, it was clear that the Braekel chicken is not coming to the US anytime soon, hence the silence of organizations like the Orthodox Union. The Braekel or Brakel is one of the older European chicken breeds. Its history dates back to 1416, when it was mentioned as a successful poultry breed of the Brakel region, Belgium. Although most of the rabbis reached by Kosher Today termed the Braekel as “just another chicken,” some referred to the concept in kashrut of having had a “tradition of being kosher.”

The Braekel controversy has been a hot topic in the kosher community in Israel with several rabbis actually banning the chicken. They argue that it is an impure bird while many mainstream rabbis refuse to accept that notion, permitting its use. They contend that it is no different than a regular chicken, the position of many kashrus agencies here.