August 22, 2011

American Manufacturers in Search for More Private Label in Israel

Tel Aviv…Kosher food manufacturers and distributors in the US are increasingly looking to Israel for a new generation of new and innovative kosher products. The search for new private label products is due to the important role new products have played in recent years in the growth of kosher. A group of American kosher food officials concluded a week-long visit with that precise goal in mind. Led by Yakov Yarmove,
Corporate Business Manager , Ethnic Marketing and Specialty Foods, SuperValu, the group visited manufacturing plants and supermarkets throughout Israel. “Stepping up the private label program,” said Mr. Yarmove “is a win-win situation in that it introduces many new and exciting products to American consumers while at the same time offering vital economic support to Israel.” Also in the group was Laura Burke, the National Director of Sales at Streit’s and Fred Eden, a well-known agent for American companies. The private label program is not without its problems, the official say. The volatile dollar has raised the question of whether the Israeli products can be competitive in the US despite a commitment by many of the manufacturers not to raise prices. In addition, many American kosher brands seem to be vying for the same products, raising the specter of saturating the American market with identical products. Despite these issues, say the officials, the Israelis are well-positioned for a new era of growth. Yarmove and the other Americans agreed that in coming years the American kosher consumer may be eating more foods from the land of milk and honey.