June 6, 2016

American Kosher Food Manufacturers Look to Other Markets for Expansion

Panama City - Kosher markets are expanding in many other markets besides Israel and the US. Kosher purveyors are eyeing expansion in cities like London, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Paris, Sao Paulo and even Panama City. A recent article highlighted the growth of kosher in Panama City. A visitor noted a massive (suburban supermarket-size) kosher grocery store. Nearby was Solomon’s Deli, a Montreal-inspired delicatessen featuring smoked meat and pastrami, and Darna’s Bread Co., a kosher bakery and café with a Middle Eastern spin. In Panama City, noted the visitor, there are nearly 20 kosher restaurants—many of them opened in the last decade—ranging from fast food to La Spezia, a wood-fired Italian bistro, and a handful of requisite “pizza, falafel, and sushi” places. Panama City’s Jewish community is estimated at 10,000 in a metropolitan area of 1.5 million. Similar expansion is taking place in other Jewish strongholds in Canada, South America, Europe and Australia. More kosher products are being sold in Poland and the Czech Republic as well as Russia, the Ukraine and other smaller markets in the former Soviet Union. There is no doubt that many of the opportunities will be on display at the 28th annual Kosherfest in November.