October 28, 2019

American Dream Kosher Food Court Appears to be Set

East Rutherford NJ…With such successful projects as Mall of America and the West Edmonton Mall in their portfolio, the Ghermezian family, originally immigrants from Iran, are this week opening American Dream, a 90-acre mall and entertainment center. Orthodox Jews, the Ghermezian's are doing their best to make the mega site a “kosher friendly” mall and attraction. According to Raviv Gailor of Triple Five, the umbrella group that operates the projects, the kosher food court will consist of vendors for Pizza, Mediterranean fare, fried chicken, and Chinese Food. However, Mr. Gailor was not yet prepared to reveal the names of the vendors who would be operating the stands in the kosher food court. Management is said to have met with many potential vendors who will obviously have to commit to be closed on the Jewish Sabbath (beginning late Friday) as well as holidays. The Ghermezian's are said to be committed to make the kosher food court the largest of its kind, especially appealing to the large kosher constituency in the New York-New Jersey Orthodox Jewish community who they expect will be a significant base for the site which they hope will attract some 40 million visitors annually.