June 8, 2021

Amazon Less than Messiah for Kosher Food Industry

New York…By one recent account, there were more than 14,000 kosher certified items on Amazon, but despite the boastful sales pitch by kosher companies of the honor of being on Amazon, most kosher consumers are not buying. Several of the kosher brands say that while they do have “some sales” it is far from expectations or considered in tandem with kosher retail. It seems that despite being in the food business for nearly 14 years, Amazon had only a 1.4% share of the grocery market. Walmart and Kroger, on the other hand, had 22% and 12% respectively. Kosher industry executives say that except for sales during the pandemic, the kosher community has been behind the general market in on-line food shopping. Yet, they feel that there is “definitely some life on Amazon,” which is why they see the category growing in coming years. Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods has had some benefit for kosher as the stores have been increasing the kosher presence on their shelves. Kayco products are included in the stores, especially during the Passover season when some 100 items were included. Kosher industry sources say that they remain optimistic about being in Whole Foods because of the many store customers who seek out the kosher certification. But sales at Whole Foods in general are tanking and falling short of expectations.