March 8, 2010

Alef a New Premium Vodka is Also Kosher for Passover

New York…Vodka on Passover? This year Alef, a new vodka made from grapes rather than from grain, will be available for the holiday, thanks to Avi Petrov of LeChaim Enterprises. "There’s still room on liquor store shelves for a high-end vodka." says Avi, who immigrated to the US from the Ukraine in 1991. His LeChaim Enterprises was an effort to introduce products that were so much a part of his life and culture in his old homeland. After trying many of the leading brands of high end vodka, Avi concluded that there was a need for a new brand of premium vodka that was not at all similar to those that were already on the market, but with a twist. "We knew that only an authentic drink with a distinct identity would survive," he says. This led to his creating a premium vodka made from grapes. The spirit market in general featured only a limited number of grape vodka, mostly French, such as Cîroc and Idôl, but none of them have kosher certification. Being the first kosher grape vodka, Alef is hitting the shelves just in time for Passover. Avi has received an enthusiastic response to his new vodka with its distinctive Hebrew Aleph letter on beautiful blue as well as clear bottles.