August 20, 2019

AKO to Delay Annual Post-Kosherfest Conference to December

Chicago…The Association of Kashrus Agencies (AKO) is planning an AKO Siyum Hashas Convention on December 31st instead of the annual AKO Conference in November (the day after Kosherfest). The new date is designed to coincide with the celebration of the worldwide completion of the Talmud which is scheduled to take place at Met Life Stadium on January 1, 2020. AKO members will also be involved by completing a tractate of the Talmud. According to Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, executive director of AKO, the organization is planning an extensive agenda to coincide with the worldwide festivities of the 13thcycle of completion of the Talmud. The annual conferences on the day after Kosherfest were typically hosted by the Orthodox Union (OU) and covered many topics of concern to certifying agencies and rabbis from around the world who visit Kosherfest.