February 18, 2019

Airline Kosher Meals Not Getting Any Better, Frequent Fliers Say

New York - Frequent fliers who observe kosher often complain about the quality of the food, but mostly internally to friends and even on on-line posts. When someone gets a solidly frozen dessert or salad on an international flight, they seldom complain to the airlines, hence the ongoing saga of poor quality meals, says the popular Dan Deals site. When passengers do complain, the airlines tend to listen and make changes.

Interestingly, on the One Mile at a Time site, an obvious non-kosher flyer recently posted advice to fellow travelers: “I wanted to share a tip for getting the best breakfast you can on American. I always order kosher meals for breakfast on American, and while I’ve written about it in passing in the past, it occurred to me I never fully explained why. My issue with American’s breakfasts is that usually their omelets are disgusting. They’re filled with highly processed cheese, and they usually come with some sort of pork on the side (I don’t eat pork, not due to any dietary needs or religious beliefs, but because I like pigs). And that’s why American’s kosher breakfasts are so great.” Well it turns out that the breakfast this passenger speaks of is a Bornstein’s (El Al caterer) meal. The post continues: “It’s fully wrapped, in accordance with kosher guidelines. If that’s not something you actually need, the downside is that you’ll be doing a lot of unwrapping. It’s not just getting the aluminum and wrapping off each dish, but they’re also “tied” together with a sticker, which can be tough to remove. But the food is actually really good. On the most basic level I like American’s kosher meals because it seems to be the only way to just get a plain old omelet. I don’t want cheese or sausage or anything, so this meal is always a plain omelet with mushrooms and potatoes.”