December 3, 2012

Agri Star in Move to Rebrand and Capture Larger Market Share

NEW YORK — Three years after rescuing the ill-fated Agriprocessor from bankruptcy, Agri Star, owned by Montreal businessman Hershey Friedman, is making a major push to recapture a significant share of the kosher meat market. Sources say that the company has increased production, hired new marketing and sales executives, and even taken steps to add to its kosher certification. 

In full-page ads in several Orthodox publications, under the headline “Innovation Meets Tradition,” the company speaks of its “millions of dollars in facility improvement” and its “exciting new ready-to-eat products and a line of English-bred angus beef of unparalleled quality.” It also announced that it has added the certification of Rabbi Hershel Fekete.  “Our mission is not only to serve the consumer with a broad variety of the finest kosher selections, but to make our products better than ever before, said Mr. Friedman.” 

Under the Aarons Best and Shor Habor brands, Agri Star processes and distributes nationwide a full line of USDA Prime grade Angus beef, fresh poultry, deli and prepared food provisions for wholesalers, retailers and food service providers. Agri Star had a large booth at the recently concluded Kosherfest. The kosher meat market in  the US is believed to total $550 million in sales with nearly 45% being glatt kosher or products marketed to strictly kosher homes.