April 27, 2021

Agreement to Grow Avocados in Morocco Will Have Benefits for Many Kosher Consumers

Tel Aviv…The New Year of 5782 in September will usher in a year of Shmitah, the Biblical requirement that the land remain fallow every seventh year. Most of the Sabbatical year’s observances are agricultural in nature and are relevant only in Israel. For avocado lovers in Israel, they will be delighted that Mehadrin, the leading grower in Israel has reached an agreement with Morocco to grow the avocados there, according to Globes, Israel’s leading business publication. Last year, about 60% of Mehadrin's new plantings were of avocado plantations, amounting to 163 acres, out of a total of over 263 acres planted in 2020. Mehadrin's total area planted with avocado trees reached 1,875 acres.

Mehadrin has now decided to expand its avocado growing business overseas. It has signed an agreement in Morocco, under which it will grow crops outside Israel for the first time. Mehadrin CEO, Shaul Shelach explains: "In order to grow, Mehadrin has to become a company that, while its main activity is still in Israel, creates additional sources of activity in other places. That will also be beneficial for our agriculture in Israel, because that way we shall be able to give better service all year round to our customers in Europe.”