October 23, 2017

Advertisers Get Good Response from Kosher Today

Portland, ME - Advertisers in Kosher Today say that they are getting excellent feedback from people in the industry they do business with. Since launching the advertising opportunity in September, many new advertisers have joined. Kosher Today is grateful to those advertisers who helped launch our new advertising opportunity to reach nearly 30,000 trade and other readers. Launched by Diversified Communications in conjunction with Lubicom, the advertising enables kosher food companies to directly target the industry. Kosher Today is read regularly by 10,000 “opt-in subscribers” and by more than 12,000 on-line viewers from nearly 50 countries. The leading countries are the US, Canada, Israel, the UK, Mexico and Australia. 31% of readers are in retail with a similar number from foodservice. Remarkably 8 out of 10 readers are involved in purchasing decisions, opening up a completely new vista for advertisers. The complete media kit is available at https://www.kosherfest.com/koshertoday/