April 21, 2020

Adequate Kosher Meat and Poultry Supply, Kosher Sources Say

Kiryas Joel…Fears of a shortage in kosher poultry and meats are proving to be non-existent. According to kashrus officials, most sources of the kosher fare are slaughtering as usual. One major purveyor has switched production to Mexico. Poultry plants in Mifflintown, Pa (Empire) and Kiryas Joel, are said to be producing their usual amounts for this time of the year. Most plants have very stringent safety precautions in place even in ordinary times, the kashrus officials pointed out. They also projected that supply of meat and poultry would be strong in the coming weeks, although there was some uncertainty about the summer spike in demand for deli products. One officials said: “I just don’t see the barbecue as yet.” It was still too early to know whether resorts like the Catskills would be fully open by the time July rolls around. State officials were still debating whether the guidelines that apply today will be in effect come the summer of 2020. Some 300,000 Jews, including thousands of campers, spend the summers in New York’s Catskill Mountains.