May 3, 2018

Adding Promotional Holidays to the Jewish Calendar Help Boost Sales

Cedarhurst…Gourmet Glatt was promoting its basket full of goodies for the traditional Lag Ba’omer trip (on the 33rd day of the counting of the 49-day Omer). Several stores like Jewel Osco featured special promotions for Israel’s 70th anniversary of its independence. Others ran promotions for Mother’s day. All of these “promotional holidays” lead up to the 2-day Shavuos holiday which is preceded by a Shabbat. Once Shavuos passes, it’s on to the summer barbecues and the Nine Days, leading up to Rosh Hashanah. According to kosher food sources, retailers today are capitalizing on the growing interest in kosher “beyond the Passover holiday.” For retailers in large Orthodox communities, “there are, of course, 365 holidays (the weekly Shabbos) before there is even the first major holiday like Rosh Hashanah.” Being relevant year-round, say some retailers, has also helped the holiday sales. One supermarket executive in the West said: “If a customer comes in for a kosher brisket or stuffed cabbage throughout the year, you can almost bet that they will shop here before Passover.”