March 10, 2014

A Sunny Surprise at KFWE 2014, Brought to You by JEWmaican Cuisine

NEW YORK — The 5th Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience, sponsored by the Kedem Group on February 24th, was every bit as advertised. It was a major showcase of kosher wines from throughout the world with the participation of many winemakers. The food part included some of New York’s leading kosher restaurants. More than 1,000 people joined members of the trade and media in what has become a major kosher food and wine event in New York and of late in other major cities. This year, visitors enjoyed an astounding array of desserts aboard a yacht, anchored next to Chelsea Piers, the venue of the show.

Standing out amidst the many formal and traditional booths was a colorful display of green and yellow announcing the arrival of JEWmaican Cuizine, a new kosher food company dedicated to ensuring all kosher consumers have access to the best flavors Jamaica has to offer. Founded 6 months ago by Jamaican native Shifra Miller, JEWmaican Cuizine was borne out of the frustration her family experienced each time they would visit the island. “Every street corner in Jamaica has vendors selling the most authentic, delicious food,” Shifra’s  husband remarked, “while the only thing we were able to eat was fish, fish, and more fish. We knew that we needed to create a way for all kosher consumers to enjoy the unique flavors of Jamaican cuisine.” 

On their website, the company points out that “kosher is not new to the Island of Jamaica. The first Jew settled in Jamaica in 1653.” The menu encompasses a wide variety of Jamaican dishes, including Rice and Peas in coconut cream, JEWmaican Beef Patties, and spiced and grilled Jerk Chicken. There is even a special dish of JEWmaican Cholent combining the traditional with the exotic.  Following their successful reception at KFWE, the Millers shared plans to open a restaurant.  JEWmaican Cuisine is certified kosher by the Vaad Hakashrut of Queens.