March 4, 2013

A New and Delicious Macaroon for this Year’s Passover Table

MOOSIC, PA — Jennies Macaroons is unveiling a combination of moist coconut with high quality dark chocolate. For the first time, Jennies founder Arnold Badner is mass-producing a gourmet line of chocolate-covered and chocolate-drizzle macaroons. They contain no wheat or leavened ingredients. The Jennies are certified OU Kosher for Passover and are Pareve, dairy and gluten-free.  

The gourmet chocolate dipped is the latest addition to a line of coconut macaroons that come in five flavors, omega and sugar-free. They are free of chemicals, nuts and preservatives. They contain the health benefits of sulfite-free coconut and are made with simple ingredients including coconut, egg whites, organic cane sugar/tapioca syrup and dark chocolate. For more information visit: