November 2, 2020

A New 30 Second Mochaccino from Israeli Inventors Heads to US Kosher Market

Tel Aviv…It looks like a pod or K-Cup, a la Starbucks or Keurig, but the Israeli inventor Guy Finkelstein calls it a capsule. All one needs is a blender, a cup of ice, perhaps a half a cup of milk mixed for 30 seconds in a blender and you have a great tasting smoothie of more than a dozen flavors, including Cappuccino, Mango, and Strawberry. Says Guy: “The Capsule allows one to make an amazing ice drink with the use of any blender, from super cheap to the most luxurious with the same great texture and taste. The capsule is 100% vegan and the liquid can be water, regular milk, or almond milk. Certified kosher by the Badatz in Israel, it can either be a dairy smoothie with milk or pareve with just water. Mr. Finkelstein says while it can be a staple in every home where a smoothie is desired, it can particularly be a game changer for restaurants who will save money on labor, electricity, and water. The capsules are shelf stable and require no refrigeration with a shelf life of 18 months. It is FDA approved and inexpensive. The product is being marketed by Lubicom Business Consulting.