May 22, 2017

92nd Street Y Criticized for Bringing Back Memories of “Old Kosher Style Era”

New York- The decision by the 92nd Street Y to use a non-kosher caterer for a large event recently revived memories by many kashrus officials when Jewish organizations did not routinely serve kosher. Several rabbis reached by Kosher Today said that it was a rare occurrence nowadays for a Jewish organization to serve treif at their events. One rabbi said: “The Y’s behavior was an affront to the community they serve. This is a throwback to the “old kosher style era.”  He asked “what point is there to offer kosher cooking classes when they themselves serve treif?” The Y’s response that it was serving “kosher style” was even more grievous to the rabbis since they consider the fare be false advertising. Rabbi Sholtiel Lebovic, founder and director of Go Kosher, an organization that kashers (makes kosher) homes and commercial businesses, placed a full-page ad in The Jewish Week (May 12) headlined “Shame on the 92nd Street” and started an online protest page that garnered more than 700 signatures and almost as many comments. What was particularly disappointing was the Y’s decision to serve non-kosher in a region like the New York tri-state area where an estimated 800 kosher caterers operate.