August 4, 2014

30,000 Kosher Meals Delivered to Soldiers in Gaza

ISRAEL/GAZA BORDER — Some Israelis have described the latest war between Israel and Hamas extremists as the “Drive-In War.” Indeed, almost every Israeli is within driving distance of the Southern border with Gaza and unlike the Lebanon War of 2008 where some Israeli soldiers were said to be lacking food, this time around food is plentiful. Not only was the IDF better prepared this time around, but organizations and individuals have been delivering as many as 30,000 a meals a day, including pizza, falafel, and hummus. 

One Israeli volunteer who drove to Gaza to distribute food to the soldiers is amongst the three civilians killed in the latest war. Although there are many secular Israeli soldiers in the IDF, the food delivered and that of the IDF is almost always kosher, a source told Kosher Today. Volunteers are packing sandwiches and other goodies into special packages handed out to the soldiers in the main staging areas on the border. With Israel withdrawing most of its forces to the staging areas, it will almost certainly become a major center of food distribution.

Photo (Melanie Lidman/Times of Israel)