February 20, 2018

30,000 Jews Head to Orlando for Passover; 100,000 to all Programs

Orlando…A record 30,000 Jews will occupy almost every house for rent and hotel rooms in the Greater Orlando area during the coming Passover season (beginning on the eve of March 30th). Many retailers from New York and elsewhere are preparing to ship truckloads of foods for the holiday. The Grove supermarket in Boca Raton already has 300 orders, some with chefs and wait staffs. One prominent Flatbush family will be occupying a newly built mansion and conference center with as many as 20 bedrooms. Although Orlando has been a popular destination for the past few years, this year’s weeklong interim days (Chol Hamoed) made it particularly attractive for vacationing families who wish to visit the many theme parks in the area. Some of the holiday vacationers had in years past spent the holiday in one of the estimated 130 Passover programs in hotels and resorts but this year opted for the Orlando experience. Leonard, a 68-year old grandfather spent the last five Passover holidays in major resorts but this year “my grandkids wanted to go to Orlando.” Despite the shift, most of the Passover programs seem to be doing well including the new Las Vegas program at the Green Valley Resort & Spa in Henderson, Nevada and the Melia Braco Village on the island of Jamaica. Some of the operators told Kosher Today that they expect upward of 100,000 Jews to spend Passover in hotels and destinations like Orlando.