February 22, 2016

More than 300 New Items to hit Passover Shelves in 2016

New York - With Passover now two months away (begins eve of April 22nd), the special holiday shelves in grocery aisles will soon come to life and this year like in previous years, consumers will find more than 300 new items to choose from. While there are no “revolutionary” new Passover items like pizza, bread crumbs and bagels (all of which made news in previous years), there are plenty of interesting items to pique the interest of those who will be observing the 8-day holiday. To begin with, the number of gluten-free items for the holiday continues to expand. There are many new interesting snack items as well as cereals and sweets. The following is our review of the new products (by no means complete but extremely comprehensive):

Snacks, Cereals, Sweets - Manischewitz Thin Potato Chips and Ripple Potato Chips with 9 snack-sized bags in a multipack tray, Gluten Free Grab n Go Chocolate Cookies and Gluten Free Grab n Go Chocolate Chip Cookies, gluten free cereals Magic Max’s Chocolate Crunch Puffs and Magic Max’s Vanilla Crunch Puffs; Paskesz Mini Bits, Bite Size Chocolate Chip Cookies (gluten-free) and Mini Bits, Bite Size Double Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies; Glick’s Salted Chocolate Macaroons in two varieties, Manischewitz Hazelnut Chocolate Macaroons – winners of “Best New Item for Passover” at Kosherfest 2015; Kayco distributed items include Hadar Sweet Potato Chips in individual and family size bags, Gefen Dark Chocolate Bark, with Almonds, with Hazelnuts, with Coffee Beans, Mango Slices (dried),  Shefa Good II Go Guava Nut Bars and Apricot Pecan Bar;  Sungoods Raw Natural Almonds, Salted and Unsalted Pistachios, Salted and Unsalted Cashews, Cranberries, Guava.

Frozen foods, oils and condiments -Gefen (Kayco Distributed) Chopped Garlic, Sautéed Onions, Organic Beets (peeled & ready to eat) Frozen Mashed Potatoes (also Sweet Potatoes) & Herbs, Spices, Squeeze Mayo in Original and Lite; Manischewitz imported Balsamic Vinegar from the Modena region of Italy, Pereg Gourmet White, Red and Tri-Color Quinoa, Coconut Flour in Slider Bag, a variety of spices and seasonings from Bar-B-Q  Mix (Steak), Basil, Black Pepper to  Fine Sea Salt, Fish and Sea Mix; Sabra Hot Pepper Mix, Babaganoush, Spanish Eggplant, Moroccan Matbucha, Classic Guacamole, Spicy Guacamole; Casablanca Foods Mina Harissa,  Mina Mild Harissa, Mina Green Harissa, Mina Shakshuka Sauce.

Fish – (Distributed by Quality Frozen Foods) Noam Gourmet's Gefilte Fish, Surimi by Dyna Sea; Gefen Chunk Light Tuna in Water- 6X43 OZ Pouch.

Pasta, Bakery and Baking Supplies -Manischewitz Gluten Free Noodles - Tri-Color Spiral Noodles, Blueberry Bran Muffin Mix; Pereg Gourmet Coconut Flour in Slider Bag, Almond Meal/Flour in Slider Bag; (Kayco Distributed) Glicks Cocoa Canister and Vanilla Sugar, Hadar Dark Brown and Light Brown Sugar; (Quality Frozen Distributed) Noam Gourmet Passover gluten-free onion bagels, “breads” from Chantilly Bakery (bagels, burger and frankfurter buns).

Beverage – (Kayco distributed), Prigat Juices, Wissotzsky Nana Mint Tea, The Chosen Bean Fair Trade Coffee (three varieties), Harrison’s Sweet Shoppe Raspberry Syrup, Kedem’s "Appleation" Apple Cider (Dry Hard Cider and Sweet Cider); Chilla Beverage Frappe & Latte Mixes in  five flavors;  Blue Agave Nectar is an all-natural Vegan and Gluten-Free sweetener.

Matzos and Crackers - Yehuda (Kayco Distributed) Gluten-Free Unsalted and Ancient Grain Matzo, Manischewitz Gluten Free Matzo (3 pack of 10oz Matzo); Gefen's Kartofele (Car-Tuf-A-La) (Kayco Distributed) Snacks, Couscous and Gal Crackers in Original, Onion and Gluten Free Shehakol Matzo Crackers; Manischewitz Gluten Free Matzo Meal and Gluten Free Cake Meal; Pereg Gourmet's Classic Flavored Matzo Crumbs and Full Flavored Matzo Crumbs.

Non-Food and Novelty - Rite Lite A Passover Guessing Game, Tic Tac Toad Wood Game; Neronim Premier & Geula Table Covers and Crock Pot Liners.