August 21, 2017

“3-Day” Holidays Poses Challenge and Opportunity

New York - Is the “3-day holiday” (two days of holiday followed by a Shabbat) good for Jews? It depends who you ask as the kosher food industry prepares for three such sets next month and early October. Kosher retailers seemed to be divided with some generally preferring interim days in between as the best case scenario for sales while others say that the average shopping cart is much bigger and people buy more than they need because of the 3-days. This year, Israelis who are not accustomed to the 3-day holiday will also be faced with the extra day on Rosh Hashanah. One Israeli newspaper is already advertising the leasing of refrigerators to accommodate the extra day. The High Holy Days are considered one of the most lucrative periods on the Jewish calendar for the kosher industry with some placing it second only to Passover. Many companies introduce new foods and wines on the eve of Rosh Hashanah with the hope of gaining traction year-round. The robust sales in 2016 of such items as honey cake, gourmet honey, and even exotic fruits is expected to continue. Last year honey cake sales in one Brooklyn store grew by more than 15%.