August 20, 2019

2019 Catskills Summer Season Ranked Amongst the Best

South Fallsburgh…With less than two weeks to go before the summer season ends, grocers in New York’s Catskill Mountains were already calling it a “huge success.” Some of the most successful grocers were markets like Landau’s, Buy-Rite, Mountain Food, and chains like Shoprite and Wal-Mart. The latter stores continue to significantly upgrade their kosher offerings, resulting in “solid revenues from just 10 weeks of sales,” said a kosher distributor. The stores are increasingly catering to a Chasidic base with their ever-increasing family sizes. Many of the products include certifications from Chasidic groups and in dairy the items are all chalav yisrael. For stores like Wal-Mart, the expanding kosher section means attracting the Orthodox shoppers to buy the entire store. Yossi bought 5 kosher items but walked out with a $200 bill because of the other items he bought. The Monticello Wal-Mart had a full complement of kosher foods, including many end caps and refrigerated and frozen items. Yossi said that he could have shopped his full Shabbos order at Wal-Mart but didn’t realize just how many “heimishe” products they carried. Back in South Fallsburg, Landau’s large parking lot was full on a mid-August Sunday called “visiting day” for summer camps. Parents stocked up on food for their children. In just eight weeks, millions of dollars were recorded by the 10-week industry!