March 6, 2017

200,000 Israelis Spend Passover in Hotels with 16,000 Going Abroad

Tel Aviv - An estimated 16,000 Israeli will spend Passover in hotels abroad this year, according to Raphi Bloom, founder of (TJT), the largest Jewish travel site on the internet. Over 130 Passover hotels advertised on the site this year. TJT has seen visitor traffic grow by over 25% over the past year as more and more kosher travelers seek different types of vacations at all types of the year. The "native" Israeli kosher market, as opposed to the "anglo" market which always travelled, are now taking more and more kosher foreign vacations. Pesach is a big part, but so are trips to the many all year round kosher hotels that have opened across Europe and summer and ski vacations are also more and more popular, aided by cheaper air routes out of Tel Aviv. The American market is not quite catering to the Israeli's yet, but should, in my opinion, as there is revenue growth to be had from this market. According to Mr. Bloom, an estimated 200,000 Israelis will participate in Passover programs in the country. At least 30 programs target Israelis, mainly in Europe with Cape Kosher Safari Pesach being the main exotic one. Raphi considers himself a veteran in travel having been in the business for 19 years. TJT is a busy web site with at least 5,000 visitors a day for the English language site and 3,500 a day for the Israeli Hebrew site.