June 25, 2012

1127 Kosher Agencies and Many Still Only Recognize a Handful

NEW YORK-- Many supermarkets that include a significant kosher section still only accept products from no more than five or six of the “majors.” This is, of course, not the case in kosher independent stores or some “A” stores that will in addition to the major certification agencies also accept certifications from Europe and Israel. 

In a far-reaching survey, Kosher Today has found that many stores will only showcase products that have one of these symbols, OU, Kof-K, Star-K, OK, cRc, and Triangle-K in the belief that they are the most accepted symbols.

In its most recent annual survey of Kosher Agencies Worldwide, Kashrus Magazine listed 1127 kosher agencies. Some supermarkets tend to accept local and regional certifications  in addition to the half-dozen major national symbols. In Israel, many supermarkets that cater to the Charedi market sell products with as many as “100 hechsherim” (certifications),” according to a distributor who sells to these stores.