April 7, 2014

$100 Million Passover Hotel Program no Longer for Rich and Famous

NEW YORK — As many as 60,000 people will be heading for destinations around the world to spend Passover in dozens of luxury and other well known destinations. Sources estimate that the $100 million Passover hotel business will grow by at least 10%  this year. In 2014, there are more options than ever. Along with the usual locations, such as Florida and the North East, guests this year can also choose from more exotic places, including Morocco, Costa Rica and South Africa. 

If staying on dry land won’t do, Kosher Expeditions and Passover Kosher Cruises are offering full-fledged Passover programs at sea, afloat for 8 days with glatt kosher food and onboard entertainment. The trend appears to be to offer more upscale gourmet menus each year. Many of the hotels offer panini stations, sushi bars, and even sliced white bread (great imitations). One experienced caterer in the Passover hotel business emphasized the growing importance of healthy meal options. “Guests are increasingly expecting hotel programs to incorporate the trends of healthy eating into their menu,” remarked the caterer. “Everyone is becoming a ‘foodie’,  and hotels are accommodating their requests, to keep up with the crowd.”

The well-known Prime Restaurant Group, with its flagship midtown Manhattan Prime Grill Restaurant has joined the fray with a new location in California. They will be creating Passover worthy versions of each of the hotel’s restaurants for guests to dine at, in addition to their catered meals. Technology and social media have played a large part this Passover season, introducing a new dynamic to the industry. “Having an online presence has been wonderful for us,” says Avi Faskowitz of Majestic Retreats, based out of Florida. “Being able to provide potential guests with pictures and videos of our waterfront accommodations has really made us stand out. Not having to rely on ‘snail mail’ also make it much easier to keep everyone informed on all of our program details.”